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Shenzhen Tongyan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tongyan Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of beauty contact lenses. The company has its own professional contact lens lens factory. The company has more than 1,000 employees including designers, workers, engineers, and operators. It has been doing lens OEM production for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean brands, and has many years of contact lens production. Rich experience, has passed the EU CE, ISO13485 quality management system certification, annual production capacity of more than 120 million, the top mature production line is currently the top eight in the industry, 46 technical patents.





120 Million

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Seeyeye Was Born

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Its brand Seeyeye is an internationally renowned brand. Catherine, the founder of the seeyeye brand, started contacting contact lenses in the late 1880s, and she herself is also a loyal user of contact lenses. In this case, Catherine began to learn all the knowledge about contact lenses. During this period, she witnessed the birth of the first pair of colored lenses. In the beginning, the colors and patterns of colored glasses were relatively monotonous and uncomfortable. Catherine couldn't help thinking, how many colors can human eyes distinguish in a scene? The result is that under different circumstances, no one can accurately tell how many colors the human eye can distinguish. Then the possibility of colored lenses is also very large, and should not be limited to the current number of colors. Just like the life of each of us, because the existence of different individuals should also be different colors. So in 2015, Catherine began to plan his own color lens brand, with rich colors, diverse styles, and continuous innovation, taking into account the comfort of the lens, so in this case, Seeyeye was born.

"Eyes are the windows of the soul."

Seeyeye means "see your eyes". "Eyes are the windows of the soul." It was described by the Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci from the perspective of figure painting, but everyone is diverse, and those we want to travel through can see different worlds through our colored lenses. Seeing the different sides of the world, being more tolerant and foresight, and wanting to tell people what you look like without a unified standard. You can do what you want. There is only one time in your life. Be bold to do what you like to do and love. Seeyeye has been focusing on color soft contact lens business for 6 years and has a professional manufacturing base that has passed ISO 13485 and CE 2195 certification. It has 5 production lines, the most advanced technical facilities and a professional R&D team. Seeyeye now takes you to experience advanced production technology! Open the wonderful "VISION" world!