Could smart contact lenses provide your cycling data anytime soon?

You’ve probably seen smart glasses by now…but what if the technology was actually built into a pair of contact lenses?Mojo Vision believes it has developed invisible, wearable smart contact lenses with built-in displays that provide information without obstructing your vision.The lens uses what has been described as “the world’s densest dynamic microLED display,” capable of superimposing digital images, symbols and text in the user’s natural field of view.


Smart Contact Lenses
The information screen is said to be small, about the size of a grain of sand, with a 300 x 300 pixel display.According to Cycling Industry News, Mojo Vision also recently partnered with TrailForks to help ensure it provides useful data for gravel and road cyclists.
With its invisible, wearable display, Mojo Lens is designed to help you stay focused by providing information heads-up and hands-free, which the brand says it achieves “without obstructing their vision, limiting movement” sex or hinder social interaction” Euro.
“Many augmented reality (AR) solutions try to create immersive experiences that can clutter reality – Mojo Lens is different,” the brand emphasizes on its website.
“It quietly gives you important data when you are involved in events that require your attention.”
Wearable smart technology for viewing cycling performance data is not new.Heads-up display smart sunglasses seem to come around every few years, but they never really took off, and are therefore one of the unfortunate product categories to earn a spot in our roundup of bright bike tech that hasn’t caught on.A sort of
The idea behind this style of smart sunglasses is that you can see real-time performance riding data right in front of your eyes, so you don’t have to look down at the handlebars.This different approach to the humble bike computer does work, but so far there have been obvious recurring issues: namely size, battery life and price.

Smart Contact Lenses

Smart Contact Lenses
These smart contact lenses certainly look like a useful solution, as they could solve the “bulk” aspect.
Mojo Vision has identified an opportunity in the wearables market to provide performance data and real-time stats to data-conscious fitness enthusiasts, including cyclists, and this year announced partnerships with a range of sports brands to improve A good understanding of how to bring performance data to meet the needs of new audiences.


Post time: May-17-2022