Several different contact lens brands and online vision tests for those who need a new prescription

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1-800 Contacts is an online retailer of contact lenses.They stock several different contact lens brands and offer online vision tests for those who need a new prescription.

aqua contact lenses

aqua contact lenses
Contact lenses are a popular alternative to eyeglasses that provide intraocular vision correction for approximately 45 million adults in the United States.People can buy it in stores or online through companies like 1-800 Contacts.
1-800 Contacts began trading in 1995 with the goal of providing better vision care across the United States.They have made their mark on the eye care industry by:
In addition, the company’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with free returns, exchanges, and a “best price” guarantee.
In terms of delivery, people have the option to pay for expedited shipping of contact lenses.Additionally, 1-800 Contacts offers a subscription service that automatically sends customers contact lenses.
1-800 contacts are Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​certified and have an A+ rating.
Several customers said the company’s customer service was helpful, replacing damaged lenses for free and fixing any errors they had right away.Others said shipping times were quick and their customer service reps were friendly and sympathetic.
Other commenters, however, said the company’s customer service was inadequate and representatives did not communicate delays or issues effectively.Some customers also pointed out that refund processing takes a long time, and the company doesn’t always honor the price-match guarantee.
Also, some brands have daily contact lenses that people throw away at the end of the day, while others have longer-lasting ones.
The company offers a four-step online vision test through its website that takes about 15 minutes.
A board-certified ophthalmologist in a person’s state will review the test results and issue a new prescription, sometimes within 24 hours.
However, the company said the test is not a substitute for routine comprehensive eye exams that individuals should have on a regular basis.
If an individual cannot find their prescription, the 1-800 Contact will contact their eye care provider to request a copy.
Individuals need to order the brand listed on the prescription.If they feel that the brand is not suitable for their needs, they may wish to consult their ophthalmologist to discuss different manufacturers.
1-800 Contacts will also consult with a personal ophthalmologist to approve their order prior to shipping.
The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.In addition to replacing damaged lenses, if a person’s prescription changes, they will accept returns for old lenses, as long as the original packaging is intact and sealed.
If an individual cannot wear contact lenses or find glasses uncomfortable, they may find glasses a better fit.For others, laser eye surgery may be worth considering.
According to the National Eye Institute, Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are at higher risk for certain eye diseases and:
These products bend light to focus it properly on the retina.By doing so, prescription glasses can correct astigmatism or refractive eye conditions, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.
Wearing prescription glasses and contact lenses makes it easier for people to see without damaging the eyes or worsening vision.
It is important that people who wear reusable contact lenses take steps to clean, disinfect and store their lenses.Most retailers have multipurpose contact lens solutions.
They offer a subscription service that may be suitable for people who need contact lenses at similar times each month.
1-800 Contacts also offers vision tests on their website and stock several brands prescribed by ophthalmologists.

aqua contact lenses

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