Unicoeye Celebrates 3rd Anniversary of Colored Contact Lens Lovers

        Whippany, NJ, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the rapid development of contact lens technology, people can easily change their eye color with colored contact lenses. Unicoeye, the online store for colored contact lenses, will celebrate its third anniversary on May 9, 2022 with the latest products and the most amazing prices. There will always be someone who likes it.
The eyes are the window to the soul and how we connect with each other. They can tell our stories and express our feelings. Therefore, beautiful eyes play an important role in eye contact. To bring beauty and confidence to those interested in tinted contact lenses, Unicoeye has been committed to providing high quality and beautiful lenses since its inception.
Are you interested in lens technologies that do not harm your eyes at all? Unicoeye insists on using the latest “sandwich printing” technology to protect the health of customers. In this method, colored pigments are placed between two lenses to avoid direct contact of the pigments or other irritants with the eyes. In this case, the color remains the same without increasing the thickness of the lens. What’s more, it can protect people from some eye problems when wearing contact lenses, such as myopia, corneal erosion, eye infections, etc. Therefore, Unicoeye specializes in providing a wide range of stylish and safe colored contact lenses.


Non Prescription Colored Contacts

        Unicoeye also pays attention to the quality of lenses, and in the pursuit of fashion, puts the health of the eyes of customers in the first place. Compared with conventional HEMA lens material, Unicoeye uses polymacon material to make the lens thinner and softer. In addition, the material reduces protein deposits for a more comfortable fit.
At the same time, Unicoeye received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the regulatory body responsible for protecting public health. As people embark on the beauty journey, keep in mind that contact lenses and even cosmetics are medical devices that require FDA clearance to sell. Wearing non-FDA approved lenses can lead to eye infections and, in severe cases, blindness. Unicoeye puts eye health first and goes to great lengths to raise safety awareness among people who buy tinted contact lenses.
With the rise in popularity of colored contact lenses, it has become common to see them on social media, worn by cosplayers, makeup artists, and countless other influencers. Whether it’s a slight enhancement to an existing eye color or conveying a sense of fantasy with a completely unnatural tint, colored contact lenses can easily add extra glamor to any outfit or make-up. From Cherry Ocean Blue to Snow White, Wildcat Green to Star Brown, Unicoeye provides customers with a variety of options to meet customer needs. Different replacement cycles and a range of lens and archwire diameters have also made colored contact lenses a trend that anyone can use.
Nowadays, more and more people choose to wear colored contact lenses because the lenses make the eyes more colorful and beautiful. Since people can change the color of their hair, nails, and lips to suit their style and taste, they can also try changing their eye color, especially if it’s completely safe to do so.
The 14.2mm lens has a slightly magnifying effect to make the eyes look bigger, but not intrusive. Also, the light crystal blue lens tint will make people look alive and fresh. If they are looking for a more natural and casual look, they might want to give it a try.
Let’s create bewitching eyes with luxury contact lenses. Gorgeous round lenses in a rich honey color that will suit any skin tone. And the transparent outer ring will instantly make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more attractive.

Non Prescription Colored Contacts
 Non Prescription Colored Contacts

      The lenses will transform people’s eyes into the beautiful light blue eyes they have always dreamed of. They are more of a blue tint than grey, and can be easily worn in everyday life. For those who want the same brightness but with a grayer tint, crystal contact lenses are your best bet.
Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. Unicoeye brings to its customers the beauty of vibrant colors as well as confidence and happiness. For beauty lovers who want to retouch their eyes, Unicoeye is the right choice as they offer perfect and safe colored contact lenses.

Post time: Oct-31-2022