Eyescontactlens Summer Collection yearly contact lenses

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Eyescontactlens Summer Collection yearly contact lenses put the fruit and oceam into your heart.Firstly,when you first attach it,you will feel very relaxing and fresh from your heart,like the summer cool and refreshing water flow into your body,you will be enjoyable to have it.A series of the red like the strong fires,the young lady dances on the playground.Or you will might go into the world of lavender,so gentle, pretty romatic,rich and etc.

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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: SEEYEYE
Model Number: Summer Lenses name: Summer magic red, Summer purple, Summer yellow, Summer green, Summer unusual blue, Summer usual blue
Using Cycle Periods: Yearly Lenses Hardness: Soft
Diameter: 14.5mm Center Thickness: 0.08mm
Material: HEMA+NVP Water content: 38%-40%
Center Thickness: 0.08mm Base curve: 8.6 mm
Power: 0.00 Selling Units: Single item
Made in: Hunan, China Tone: 2 tones
Colors: Picture shown Packing: Blister
Packaging Details: PP Blister Expiry date: 5 years
Single package size: 7*8*1.2cm Single gross weight: 0.021 kg

Product Details

I can’t say you will enjoy your summer,but if you try this kind of summer,the green one,or the yellow,I promise that it is the most amazing experiences for you to try in summer.The lady would feel like go out from the forest or the praire and that make people feel more comfortable when they are on the beach or along the sideway. On the other hand,you also feel more attached in the sunshine and rainy because different kinds of fruits are around you.I believe that nobody can refuse the warm sunshine and orange,green apple and colourful fantastic time.The eyes are the window of the soul. We start from this point and move you with reason,hoping that we can give you a amazing summer.


1. 38%-40% water content, so that the eyes will not dry out with the increase of wearing time. Maintain long-term comfort.

2. The 8.6mm base curve fits the human pupil, making the lens more comfortable to wear without discomfort or slippage.



1. How to put in contact lens?
Step 1: Take the lens out from the packet gently after washing and drying your hands.Then make sure you are holding the correct side of the lens.
Step 2: Hold up your upper eyelid and pull down your lower lid. then use the index finger to gently place the lens.
Step 3: Look up and down. left and right after putting the lens in so that it will settle into place. then close your eye in a while.
Step 4: Do again for the other eye through simple steps.

2. How to remove contact lens?
Step 1: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes.
Step 2:Use your clean hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid. then pull up your upper eyelid.
Step 3:Using your index finger and thumb to pinch the lens gently.
Step 4:Look up and slide the lens down gently so that the lens will be kept in your eye. then pinch it off onto finger. Do it again for the other eye.

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