Hand-painted contact lenses solve aesthetic imperfections

Prosthetic contact lenses are used to treat certain eye diseases or their cosmetic consequences. IMO experts are pioneers in these contact lens modifications, known as “therapeutic” contact lenses, which mimic eye color and mask imperfections caused by injury or pathology.
More than 2.5 million people in Spain wear contact lenses, which are widely used to correct refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia) and as a supplement or replacement for glasses.
But contact lenses are more than that, and for some patients they are a better alternative for treating certain eye conditions or their cosmetic consequences.
Mireya Campos, an optometrist at the Institute of Microsurgery of the Eye (IMO), says the same applies to prosthetic lenses, although patients who have tried them highlight their quality of life “before and after.” Contrast”, but this option remains little known. ).), The Pioneer Center provides these services.
The Contact Expert explains, “This type of lens is completely customizable because it is custom-made and hand-painted in a laboratory to simulate the pupil and/or accurately reproduce the color nuances of the iris.”
Since both structures (the black and colored parts of the eye respectively) serve to regulate the passage of light into the eyeball, the use of contact lenses to correct their defects can have a dual benefit: on the one hand, improving functional problems, and on the other hand, on the other hand. On the other hand, in order to restore a more natural appearance, the patient’s self-esteem is affected.
Indications for prosthetic contact lenses are abnormalities of the ocular surface caused by trauma or various pathologies such as aniridia (complete or partial absence of the iris), coloboma (a hole or cleft in the iris), leukemia (whitening of the cornea due to whitening). )). opacity), anisocoria (difference in pupil size between eyes), or heterochromia (difference in iris color).
In addition, they offer a solution for cases of photophobia, microstrabismus or some cases of persistent diplopia (diplopia).

Lentes De Contacto De Color

Lentes De Contacto De Color
Mireya Campos adds: “Some blind patients do not have eye pain, so for aesthetic restoration and psychosocial benefits, using these tinted lenses avoids enucleation (removal of the contents of the eyeball for subsequent replacement). For implants things).
Their advantage is that it is a reversible method and the patient can stop using it whenever necessary or deemed appropriate.
They need to be put on and taken off every day and can last for about a year with proper hygiene. Their unique design means they must be precisely and individually adjusted by a professional optometrist.
Prosthetic contact lenses, which are usually soft contact lenses such as those most often used to compensate for mild refractive errors, may be prescribed at the patient’s request.
However, there are other types of lenses that are also specially adjusted in the field of refraction and IMO optometry to improve the quality of vision.
Semi-rigid contact lenses or RPG contact lenses are harder and smaller than soft contact lenses and are recommended for patients with extremely severe astigmatism or corneal irregularities due to conditions such as keratoconus.

Lentes De Contacto De Color

Lentes De Contacto De Color
“When you can’t use them for various reasons, you can choose hybrid lenses (semi-rigid in the center, soft in the periphery) or scleral lenses (larger semi-rigid),” Campos explains.
The latter can also be especially helpful for severe dry eye syndrome, as they create a tear reservoir that can help reduce dry eye symptoms. contact lenses. ”
As IMO optometrists conclude: “No patient should be told in advance that they are not suitable for contact lens wear. The key is to identify possible causes of discomfort or complications during use and attempt to treat them, as well as selecting the most appropriate lenses.” lens type and measure accurately to match the shape of the eye.”


Post time: Nov-12-2023